On-site Evidence Collection Tool


SmartPhone Triage

On-site Evidence Collection Tool
Law Enforcement Edtion

Automatic Scrolling &

When collecting evidence on the mobile phone screen, once the software tool is connected, it can automatically scroll the screen, select a contact item and take screenshots

Automatic Optical Character Recognition

Uses automatic Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with 99% accuracy, solving the problem of insufficient evidence reproduction

Report Generation &
Store on Blockchain

Automatically produces reports on evidence collection results, with choice of automatic storage on blockchain, enhancing case handling efficiency and ensuring evidence effectiveness


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  • An easy-to-use software assisting front-line law enforcement agents as well as corporate auditing departments to collect screenshots of a suspect's mobile phone as evidence. It can perform fully-automatic, continuous or single screenshot captures. It can also import files from mobile phones, perform text recognition and keyword searches. It also allows for producing reports on the collected evidence, all enhancing the on-site investigation efficiency.


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    • Software installed compatible with Windows OS, with the features of Case Management, Evidence Collection, OCR & Keyword Search and Report Generation.
    • New incident Cases can easily be added; plus, various Case details can be created, including names, description, serial numbers and in-charge investigators.
    • While creating a Case, you can choose whether to automatically perform OCR and the languages to be converted to.
    • Can select the current Case to display all case information, including name, serial number, in-charge investigator and abstract, all of which can easily be modified and saved.
    • Using device connection detection, it can detect whether or not the Android/iOS phone under investigation is currently connected.
    • For Android devices with USB Debugging enabled, it offers different screenshot modes including “Automatic”, “Batch Automatic”, “Single”, “Semi-Automatic”, “Continuous” and “File Import”.
    • Upon connecting to iOS device's interface, it supports single/multiple screenshot(s) via automatic/manual scrolling. The automatic scrolling feature should be performed when the voice control of the device is turned on.
    • Through the built-in Airplay function of iOS devices, it offers different screenshot modes including “Single”, “Scheduled”, “Semi-Automatic”, “Recording” and “File Import”.
    • The “File Import” function offers the analysis of videos in H264 format.
    • Through the Character Recognition(OCR) function, the image file's text content is identified and saved to the database, allowing for future searches.
    • Using the keyword Search function, the search scope can span a single Case or many Cases. Resulting information displayed include: annotation, serial number, thumbnail, OCR result, application, contact, and case number. All the above information can further be filtered and sorted.
    • Can click the thumbnails to view the screenshots as well as related information, and translate the OCR results into different languages.
    • Multiple screenshots can be selected to be included in the report. The report's front and back covers can be customized on the Settings page. The generated report may include items such as: image, file names, date of capture, and file's digital fingerprint. Report output formats support English/Mandarin.
    • Also provided, is a feature used to upload the report's hash value to blockchain for permanent evidence preservation.
    • In Analysis Mode, can select the date range and check the OCR results in a chat view. LINE, Hangouts, Telegram, Skype, Whatsapp are supported in the Analysis mode.
    • Can select the cases, applications and contacts to conduct cross-case Relationship Analysis and choose whether to merge the contacts with same names.
    • Can click the connecting lines in the Relationship Graphic to view the contents of threads.
    • Can tick the types of files to display the records of file transfer in the chat threads.