Secure File Sharing & e-Signature


Blockchain Witness

Evidence Preservation, Secure File Sharing & e-Signature Platform

Preserve Evidence from Digital Devices

In addition to all Personal Edition's mobile device evidence collection functions, it also includes tools for web page screenshots and for storage of unlawful video clips on blockchain

Secure File Storage
& Sharing

Important documents can be assigned to be shared with relevant people, with options to use secure encryption mode, and to set a sharing time limit

e-Signature and
Blockchain Verification

The Web platform or mobile App can be used to carry out electronic signature, coupled with facial recognition video, to verify contract's authenticity on blockchain


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  • Blockchain Witness allows users to manage, sign, store and secure documents easily and securely. Users can upload and screenshot critical content from documents they want to preserve. Every time data is uploaded or downloaded, the content remains protected through asymmetric encryption, while the server only stores the encrypted data instead of the users’ original documents or data.


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  • Make use of the following six features of Blockchain Witness enterprise edition:
    One-click Evidence Storage, Secure Uploads, Easy Contract Signing, Permanent Preservations, Evidence Sharing, and Quick Searches.

    Enables users to manage crucial digital data by protecting and managing their files through cryptographic encryption, fingerprint unlocking, two-factor authentication, use of blockchain technology and multiple patents. Additionally, the search function can be used to quickly find any needed file data while tackling most current practices' inconveniences and also high-risk issues, all resulting in providing safer and more efficient process workflows.
    ・One-Click Screenshot Upload:
    Click to instantly capture browser's screen plus upload it to cloud storage.
    ・Prevents Information Forgery:
    Capturing screenshots is blocked after altering page content or URL, preventing content impersonation.
    ・Preserve on Blockchain, Any Time:
    Easily upload the file's digital fingerprint to Blockchain for permanent storage. Both the client and attorney can rest assured that the evidence is safely stored on our distributed nodes. In addition, in case of any evidence tampering, the file's authencity can easily be verified on Blockchain. ・Manage Online… All Shall be Fine:
    See all your Cases at a glance! Manage and protect all your important files and documents safely & easily!
    ・Double-Protection File Security:
    All uploaded files have to unlock info by using a special USB fingerprint reader! This prevents confidential data leaks by unauthorized personnel or via unfortunate hacker attacks.
    ・Private and Timely Sharing of Info:
    Can easily assign important documents to be shared with appropriate parties. Can also make use of secure encryption mode, setting sharing time limits and flexible private file sharing.