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1. Encryption technology against quantum attack

FrodoKEM, a NIST anti-quantum attack encryption algorithm, is a new encryption application technology. The current Microsoft and Google research team to participate in the research project, and the German central government recommended the encryption algorithm. BlockChain Security uses this new generation of quantum attack-resistant encryption mechanism to enhance the security level of virtual asset vault safes.

2. KEYLESS key synthesis technology

The exclusive patent key synthesis technology is adopted. The system does not have any reserved keys, avoiding the risk that hackers will have the opportunity to hack into the system to obtain the wallet key. The key is mainly produced by the instant synthesis of multi-layer and multi-signature fragments. The source of fragments can be the digital signature computed through the dongle key or the electronic file of fragments stored in the mobile phone or computer encrypted. Through decentralized and zero-trust rigorous identity authentication mechanism, the safety of vault safes is ensured at multiple levels.