About BlockChain Security Corp.

We provide applications & solutions in the fields of blockchain, evidence preservation and data forensics.

Established in 2018, BlockChain Security combines information security, digital evidence preservation, email anti-fraud system, and the latest blockchain technologies.
We provide digital data preservation and various blockchain solutions targeted at different enterprises and individuals.

Blockchain Technology + Exclusive Patents

We use Postchain Blockchain, balancing Performance and Privacy, together with our exclusive digital data security Patents

We have incorporated Nordic Blockchain technology / platform architecture, having already proven itself in Europe, allowing for balancing Blockchain’s processing efficiency and data privacy. Further using our in-house patents dealing with digital data security, blockchain contract signing, and email fraud prevention has allowed us to offer reliable professional services and product quality.

Dependable Digital-Data Preservation Ecosystem

We offer Blockchain solutions for various industries.
Our services include digital data preservation, anti-counterfeiting and verification, as well as data security forensics.

Based on latest technology and incorporating industry best practices, we provide applications of blockchain technology solving data security problems. We thus bring individuals, enterprises, and government agencies into the latest Blockchain digital certificate ecosystem. They can then benefit from our previously-inaccessible professional services, including digital data preservation, anti-counterfeiting and verification, as well as data security forensics.

Products’ Ecosystem


ChkSenderEmail-Fraud Protection Tool

Provides Webmail users with an email extension to quickly identify the origin of the sender, check whether the email has been tampered with, and to support encrypted email transmission and evidence preservation.
  • Smartphone Triage

    Smartphone TriageOn-site Evidence Collection Tool

    New tool for front-line law enforcement officers, allows for automatically taking screenshots of suspect's dialogue record evidence, performing text recognition, and producing evidence-collection reports, leading to improvements in on-site evidence-collection efficiency.
  • 個人蒐證App

    Blockchain WitnessApp and SaaS for Evidence Preservation

    Tool utilized for managing car accidents, online defamations, forged web pages, and for storing pirated video clips as evidence on blockchain, all to enhance evidence credibility. Plus, electronic contract records for business can be stored on blockchain and privately shared.