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BlockChain Security was established in 2018. Its team members have been deeply involved in the fields of information security and evidence preservation.It is well known that electronic record evidence is difficult to preserve and is easily falsified. This usually results in evidence that is simply insufficient, contributing to weakening of many litigation and defense cases.

Consequently we introduced Postchain, a mature framework from Sweden built on a blockchain infrastructure and based on the insights of science, technology and legal experts and scholars. This framework utilizes important blockchain attributes of being non-repudiable, tamper-proof and permanent.

It combines information security, digital evidence preservation and the latest technologies in all areas of the blockchain to provide digital evidence preservation and various blockchain solutions for different industries.

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BlockChain Security News & Events

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Personal Edition: Blockchain Witness App

Collect evidence anywhere, using your mobile device

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Enterprise Edition

Web Application plus Browser Extension

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Law Enforcement Edition

New On-Site Evidence Collection Tool

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